Project Gallery

From big properties to small stores — we look after it all and the results speak for themselves. 

Here are a few projects that have made a real difference to our clients’ businesses.


The University of Ottawa

Calculator57% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb370 Bulbs Recycled

 Energy   57 500 kWh saved

Carbon35.13  Tonnes


Mosaic Hair Group

Calculator83% Savings 

Lightbulb57 Bulbs Recycled

dollar41% Subsidy Procured



Katrin Leblond

Calculator79% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb70 Bulbs Recycled

dollar48% Subsidy Procured


Mazz Salon

Calculator83% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb59 Bulbs Recycled

dollar19% Subsidy Procured


Boutique Courir

Calculator82% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb748 Bulbs Recycled

dollar75% Subsidy Procured


Koyman Gallery

Calculator81% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb364 Bulbs Recycled

dollar50% Subsidy Procured


Maclaren’s on Elgin

Calculator85% Savings 

Lightbulb218 Bulbs Recycled

dollar38% Subsidy Procured



Calculator76% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb642 Bulbs Recycled

dollar75% Subsidy Procured


Kent Towers

Calculator80% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb398 Bulbs Recycled

dollar36% Subsidy Procured


Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s

Calculator 83% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb732 Bulbs Recycled

dollar50% Subsidy Procured