We Love Our Partners

Since our inception we’ve aligned ourselves with a diverse group of organizations that strengthen our service offering and improve our organizational culture.

Here are some organizations we’re working with and why we think they’re great:

Lightenco is committed to recycling all mercury-based lamps with Take Back the Light to ensure hazardous waste doesn't end up in landfills. Take Back the Light is Canada's leading light recycling program for businesses and institutions, and provides a simple low-cost opportunity for recycling fluorescent lamps and light fixtures responsibly.

We're thrilled to be contributing to a best-practices handbook for businesses as well as volunteer at community events with EcoDistrict. The EcoDistrict aims to make Ottawa's downtown core more sustainable, competitive and vibrant through a unique collaboration between real estate developers, building owners, tenant businesses, employees, residents, social innovators, and the City.

Lightenco will be joining ORHMA's membership as an official supplier of LED lighting solutions. ORHMA is dedicated to fostering a positive business climate for Ontario's hospitality industry, and providing cost-saving programs to improve members' operational standards and bottom lines.

Lightenco often networks and works at HUB Ottawa, a co-working community uniquely optimized for innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals collaborating for a better world. Through HUB we have access to a unique ecosystem of resources, learning opportunities, collaboration opportunities, cross-sector connections and local events.

Lightenco is pleased to support Canada's premier supplier of environmentally-friendly building products, services and healthy-home construction solutions.

We're an official supplier of LED lighting solutions for greenTbiz, a Toronto-based group that engages and empowers small businesses to green their communities and improve their bottom lines.

We're proud to be an official supplier for Green Key Global, a global leader in green hotels and meeting rooms. Green Key Global evaluates and certifies properties in North America and beyond on the scope of their sustainable initiatives.

Green Circle's mission is to make the Canadian salon industry sustainable by 2020. They are doing this in a way that is affordable and achievable and most importantly, impactful. We have joined forces with Green Circle Salons to offer discounted turnkey LED lighting solutions to members.

Founded in 1990, the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization (EOLO) represents the owners and managers of more than 37,000 residential rental suites in the Ottawa area. EOLO’s members include some of the largest landlords in Ontario, as well as many small and medium size landlords. EOLO advocates for the rental housing industry in the Ottawa area, educates its members regarding changes to regulations, and provides a forum for information exchange among its members.

Carbon 613 is a made-in-Ottawa, target-based sustainability program for businesses. The program helps local organizations set and meet sustainability targets. The program is creating a network of like-minded businesses that are embedding sustainability into their operations and gaining a competitive advantage. Together we are demonstrating that sustainability is in business’ best interest.

Lightenco is committed to taking as many steps as possible to reduce our ecological footprint. Through our retrofits and at our offices, we have taken measures to be more green. Becoming a BullfrogPowered company was an extremely important choice for us in continuing our commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship.

Bullfrog Power is Canada's leading green energy provider and they make it easy for homes and businesses to switch to 100% clean, pollution-free energy. By choosing Bullfrog Power, you can reduce your environmental impact, support new renewable energy project development in your region and across Canada, and help create a cleaner, healthier world.


Better Buildings Partnership is a City of Toronto program that works with building owners, managers and builders to ensure that buildings achieve high-energy performance and low environmental impact. Lightenco is an official supplier of turnkey LED lighting solutions.