Make money when you upgrade to LED Lighting with us. We look after every detail — FREE analyses, custom product selection, subsidies and project financing. You remain focused on your business and the money you'll save.

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"The math is clear and it's legit. It really does prove the fact that with going with the LED technology that's now viable, we're going to save thousands of dollars over the life of the bulbs. Almost $200,000."

Robert Edgely, Director of Engineering, CTV News Ottawa

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Commercial LED Lighting

Hotels - Restaurants & Bars - Warehouses - Hospitals - Banks - Grocery Stores - Retail - Offices - Gas Stations - Airports - Churches - Schools - Colleges & Universities - Theatres - Car Dealerships - Malls 

Residential LED Lighting

Housing Developments - Condominiums - Apartment Buildings

Public LED Lighting

Streetlights - Arenas & Ballparks - Park Lighting - Museums & Galleries - Parking Lots & Garages - Municipal Buildings - Fountain Lighting - Traffic Lights - Bridges - Tunnels - Prisons

The Lightenco Advantage

Lighting Analysis

At the end of a free, no-obligation lighting assessment, you’ll have all the plans you’ll need in order to get started with no pressure and no hassle!  We use modern software and our years of experience to determine the best lighting improvements for your space.

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Save Energy. Save Money.

LEDs are a double benefit to your pocket book.  These lights use 80-85% less energy compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs with a similar brightness (lumens) and they give off less excess heat.  So not only do they last longer but they use less electricity too.

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Try It For FREE

We’re all about Free Trial Periods. Once we’ve chosen the lighting that’s right for your environment, we encourage you try it with no commitment. We’re happy to install a small section of LED lighting to demonstrate the quality of our product and let you evaluate it at your convenience.

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Recover Your Costs With Subsidies

Subsidies from governments and private organizations can help you to save as much as 75% of your total light replacement bill.  Not only will we help find the right subsidies for your project, we’ll complete the paperwork for you too! 

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Zero-Down Financing

Keep your money in the bank! Lightenco offers zero-down project financing to make it easier to make the change to LED. Normally the savings realized through our retrofits are greater than the monthly financing payments, which, leaves your cash flow positive from day one.

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You’ll never have to think about changing a light bulb!  At 10 hours usage per day, LEDs have an average 10-13 year lifespan and even after 50,000 hours only lose a certain portion of their luminance and do not burn out completely like other bulbs do.  

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“For nearly 4 years Lightenco and their staff have helped identify unique ways to save energy on lighting throughout the Westin Ottawa. Their staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable in lighting technology, solutions and incentive programs. Their dedication to the environment and sustainability has made them a number one choice as an educator for Westin Ottawa’s Environment Day program year after year. We look forward to the next phase of our lighting retrofit, converting all of our 496 guest suites to LED with Lightenco’s turnkey solution.”

Jeff White, Director of Engineering, The Westin Ottawa