Koyman Gallery

Art galleries have very specific needs when it comes to lighting. Different beam angles are required to accent the art at close range or flood areas from a distance. Colour temperature is extremely important for artwork, as it needs to replicate the ambience of a home where it will eventually be on display.

Koyman Galleries, Canada's largest commercial art gallery, was established in 1965 with the belief that art should be accessible to all walks of life. The gallery creates an inviting, warm, and approachable atmosphere shining a light on each piece of artwork. Koyman Galleries represents over 175 artists across Canada. The gallery is over 13, 000 square feet on two levels, making it fun to find the right piece for your home, office, or place of business.

Calculator81% Hydro Savings

Lightbulb364 Bulbs Recycled

dollar50% Subsidy Procured